2 Elements of a Memorable Article Headline: Why They Work

2 Elements of a Memorable Article Headline: Why They Work

In search of the most captivating headlines, we turned to two top industry leaders—a Founder and CEO and a Chief Marketing Officer—for their unforgettable picks. From the “Curiosity-Driven Consumer Psychology Insight” to the “Dramatic Typo That Crashed the Internet,” discover the two best article headlines that left a lasting impression.


  • Curiosity-Driven Consumer Psychology Insight
  • Dramatic Typo That Crashed the Internet


Curiosity-Driven Consumer Psychology Insight


One of the most memorable article headlines I’ve come across is “The Surprising Science Behind Why People Buy.” This headline caught my attention because it tapped into the curiosity of understanding human behavior and consumer psychology. It promised to reveal insights that could be applied in marketing and sales, making it both intriguing and relevant.


Khurram Mir, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Kualitee


Dramatic Typo That Crashed the Internet

One of the best article headlines I’ve encountered was “The Day the Internet Died: How a Single Typo Crashed the World.” This headline is a masterclass in capturing attention. It’s dramatic and creates a sense of urgency, making you want to dive right into the article.



The phrase “The Day the Internet Died” immediately piques interest, as it’s hard to imagine our world without the internet. Then, the addition of “How a Single Typo Crashed the World” adds a layer of intrigue and almost disbelief. It’s concise yet packed with a story that promises to be both informative and astonishing. 


A great headline often leaves the reader with questions that can only be answered by reading the article, and this one does exactly that. It’s memorable because it combines curiosity, drama, and the promise of an extraordinary story.


Alex Stasiak, CEO and Founder, Startup House