Funnily enough, I’m dyslexic, so being a writer is completely off the cards, but rewind….

I went to Liverpool University to study pharmacology when I was 18. I took the usual path of getting good grades in school and then heading over to university to get myself into a life of debt. That’s what we’re supposed to do, right?

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Through uni, I started to read avidly. Getting into ancient philosophy and business books, I started to ponder why I was where I was. I quickly realised that the usual path of finishing uni, going to work for a salary and then retiring at 60 probably wasn’t going to fulfil me. 



So when I left uni, I decided to travel. I went to live in Australia and over the years travelled to many different countries. I think I’ve been to about 30+ countries now, which is pretty cool. But. And it’s a big but. There was always a time I would have to go back home to save up again. 



While working in Manchester, again feeling unfulfilled and letting my mind wander around the world, I thought, sod it! I’m quitting and going to Mexico. This time it felt different. I knew that I would figure something out so I could travel for longer. 


After doing a few months of voluntary work throughout Mexico, I met someone who was a writer. My ears pricked up cause it intrigued me that you can actually make money writing, completely remote, without needing to be a prestigious book author. Of course, I could never do this cause I’m dyslexic. 

Anyway, after a few beers, the girl offered to show me how she got into writing herself and within a week or two, I had my first client. And I’ve never looked back. This is the first job I actually enjoy. I genuinely don’t even see it as a job. It’s also nice to hear from my clients when they say that I have a creative flair. I never knew about this until I started writing. 


Fast forward three years, and I’ve worked on websites for some huge clients that operate worldwide. I now have a deep understanding of SEO content writing and SEO in general. I get satisfaction from helping businesses grow, and now, more than ever, I feel fulfilled by having the courage to carve my own path through life.

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