My Email Content Writing Service

With my email copywriting services, I create compelling promotional emails that drive engagement, traffic, and sales. If your emails aren’t quite hitting the mark, I can help increase your conversions. It’s often only a few little things that make the difference. 

Email Content Writing Service
Strategic Subject Lines​

Subject Lines​

1. Crafty yet informative subject lines get clicked. The subject line can take your emails from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’.


2. We can do some A/B testing to see what your audience likes (and doesn’t like)


3. I have a toolbox of reusable subject lines that already have a killer track record.


Engaging Email

Email Copy​

1. Speaking directly to the reader in a conversational tone. I’m your customer’s friend that they never knew they had.

2. Storytelling is what our brains are built for. I use this to get people’s attention.

3.Balancing length, spacing, formatting, and visuals to get your emails eyeballs.

Results-Driven Call-to-Actions​


1. Concise CTAs that prompt the desired action from your readers.

2. Placing a CTA strategically to increase click-through rate.

3. Using contrasting colours, sizes, and button formatting to make CTAs visually stand out.


List-Building & Segmentation​

& Segmentation​

1. Providing lead magnets, discounts, or exclusive offers as incentives to grow email subscriber lists.

2. Continually tests sign-up forms to improve conversion rates.

3. Leveraging segmentation to personalise your messaging.

Why You Need an Email Content Writing Service

A robust digital marketing strategy encompasses various elements beyond just having a website. Successful brands incorporate carefully curated blogs, active social media engagement, and diverse content formats such as informative articles, captivating videos, and helpful graphics for sharing.



Amidst the intricate web of content creation and digital strategy, marketers must also prioritise Email distribution. Without a great email outlet channel, the time and effort invested in creating content may not get the results you hoped for.



According to surveys, 87% of B2B marketers and 79% of B2C marketers consider email as one of their most important marketing channels. Email campaigns offer an excellent avenue for building long-lasting relationships with your customers. These campaigns can be customised with specific content to resonate with a broad or specific audience.

Email allows you to reach large segments of potential customers quickly. Most consumers check their email inboxes daily, these days, even hourly! Email, in particular, is ideal for:



  1. Building brand awareness.
  2. Generating qualified leads.
  3. Nurturing top sales prospects.
  4. Securing conversions that result in increased revenue.

Regardless of your business objectives, whether they are related to marketing or commercial goals, integrating email marketing into your strategy can be instrumental. The cost-effectiveness and the ability to reach a broad audience make email campaigns ideal for any business. Plus, they’re FREE!



Leverage the expertise of Jake Perry Writes, a seasoned email marketing consultant, to tailor the right strategy for your industry, audience, and goals. Seize the opportunity to broaden your audience reach and attract more qualified leads through my email content writing service.

Email Content Writing Service

Elevate Your Messaging with My Expert Email Content Writing Services

Crafting compelling and effective email content is paramount to engaging your audience and driving meaningful interactions. Gone are the days when any old email would get results. Here at Jake Perry Writes, I offer my expertise to deliver crafted email content that resonates with your audience and elevates your brand presence.

Engaging Narratives

Crafting Engaging Narratives, One Email at a Time

I understand the pivotal role that well-crafted email content plays in fostering meaningful connections with your audience. I can transform your ideas into impactful narratives that capture attention and inspire action.

Distinctive Approach

My Distinctive Approach to Email Content Writing

I avoid clichés and overused marketing language. I believe in the power of simplicity and authenticity. This way, your message is clear, concise, and, most importantly, genuine. Rather than some wishy-washy empty promise you see in your email account all too often these days.


The Power of Precision

My email content writing services are designed to convey your message with precision, avoiding unnecessary speel. I recognise the value of your audience’s time and deliver content that respects it.

My Tailored Solutions

My Tailored Solutions for Your Diverse Needs

I delve into understanding your brand voice, target audience, and campaign objectives. This allows me to create content that seamlessly integrates with your overall marketing strategy.

Collaborative Process

Collaborative Process

My email content writing services are not just a transaction; they are a collaboration. I believe in working closely with my clients, understanding your vision, and incorporating your feedback throughout the writing process. This collaborative approach allows us to align the final product parallel with your brand’s identity.

Email Campaigns

Unlock the Potential of Your Email Campaigns

In a world where the inbox is a competitive arena, your email content needs to stand out. Partner with me at Jake Perry Writes to unlock the full potential of your email campaigns. I will help capture attention and foster genuine connections with your audience.

How To Build Your Email Marketing Campaign

Your email marketing campaign can come in all shapes and sizes. You need to define your goals and audience. I have established a robust step-by-step process to support what you have in mind.

Target Audience

Find Your Target Audience

Defining your target audience serves as the cornerstone for every facet of your email marketing strategy, shaping the message, tone, call to action, and sending frequency. Before crafting an effective email marketing strategy, we need to clarify some things.


  • Are they a business or a consumer?

  • Do they already know your brand?

  • Are they already in your email list?

  • Are they a former or returning customer?

  • Have they responded to your emails previously? 


In all likelihood, your email marketing efforts will target multiple audiences, each with distinct responses to these questions. I can gain a deeper understanding of your diverse audience segments, enabling me to tailor strategies that effectively engage each group.

Let's Build Your List

Once you’ve outlined your target audience, it’s time to delve deeper and construct an email list comprising qualified leads, potential prospects, or past customers.

Effective email list building involves:


  • Adhering to legal requirements like GDPR.

  • Looking at data to see what’s working and what needs to change.

  • Automating outreach by audience segmentation. 

  • Looking into engagement rate.


I expand subscriber lists by creating conversion-focused content. This includes leveraging sign-up forms, event registrations, and other call to actions to boost participation in your emails. 


Further refinement can then take place through segmentation. This targeted approach fosters brand loyalty among your broader audience by steering clear of generic email marketing that may become repetitive and annoying.

email list building
distinct goals

Setting Some Goals

Clearly defined, measurable goals serve as the guiding force for your email marketing efforts. This ensures a tangible return on investment (ROI) for your brand. Prior to initiating any email campaigns, we will articulate and establish these objectives.


Given that brands typically deploy diverse marketing emails, including newsletters, welcome emails, sales reminders, and nurture campaigns, each category necessitates distinct goals. We will establish some benchmarks tailored to your specific objectives of each email type.


The metrics you monitor will vary, encompassing recipient behaviour metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and click-to-open rates; email success metrics including deliverability and bounce rates; and outcome metrics like web traffic and form fills resulting from email interactions.

Ready to take the next step?

With my expertise as a freelance email copywriter, I create high-converting emails that get results. If your emails aren’t currently doing what you need them to do, let me know and we can come up with a plan of action together.

Frequently Asked Questions

An email focused on promoting products, services, offers, or events.

Yes, they are an effective channel for driving traffic, leads, and sales.

1-2 times per week is ideal for most businesses to maximise open rates.

People don’t want to be sold to. They will put up every barrier they have if you come across as too salesy. If you have a weak call to action and are not personalising things, don’t expect results.



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