General Frequently Asked Questions

Uploading regular blog posts and new content to your site keeps things up to date. Google prefers recent content over old content, so keeping your site up to date is a great practice for SEO purposes.

My services are for SEO content writing. The content I produce will be optimised with any specific keywords you want, as well as following best practices in formatting, keyword density and linking.

If you don’t like the content, you don’t pay. Simple as that. However, I do ask you to give me a chance to edit the content following your initial review if you aren’t happy.

Yes. Jake Perry Writes offers writing, editing and proofreading services.

It really depends on the size of the site, how many pages you need, the word count you need and your specific requirements. I work on a per-word basis which will be quoted following our initial conversation. I give discounts for large projects!

I don’t copy and paste. Ever. You can run the content you get through plagiarism checkers such as Copyscape. If something does happen to come up out of chance, I’ll be happy to edit free of charge.

Yes, in some cases, this is possible. However, it really depends on my schedule. I’m happy to rearrange my day if some content output comes up that’s urgent. Ping me a message and I’ll see what I can do.

Yes, I do. It depends on your specific content specification, though. Sometimes I can offer up to 50% off if you have a large project.

I write whatever content you need. I specialise in blog posts, guest posting, website copywriting, emails and long-form articles. However, if there’s something I haven’t covered, get in touch, and we can see how I can help.

I need a few days at a minimum. However, if you need something urgent, I may be able to fit your content in depending on the day ahead I have planned.

SEO Content Writing FAQs

SEO content writing is a service that is specifically tailored to help your website rank better in Google through specific techniques such as keyword placement, content formatting and other content metrics.

Yes, I create content for multiple niches, including gaming, travel, lifestyle, gambling, and fitness.

Yes, I can write any form of content you need. Blog posts, web pages, articles, newsletters, and product descriptions are all included.

I never copy and paste from other websites. Everything is handwritten. This ensures there is no plagiarism and everything is original.

Over the years of writing, I’ve developed an understanding through my own trial and error. I use your current website copy and your feedback to tailor the specific tone of content to your brand.

Traffic is a big indicator of whether the content is attracting your audience. If the new content isn’t pulling in organic traffic, we would need to think about changing the keywords and/or targeting different content topics.

I am happy to edit the content I produce with your feedback in mind. I offer unlimited edits until you are happy to publish the copy I send you.

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Full Website Write-Ups FAQs

Website copywriting involves crafting written content for websites to engage visitors and drive desired actions. It’s crucial for your business as effective copy communicates brand messages, builds trust, enhances SEO, and ultimately boosts conversions.

I certainly do. I will speak with you to get an understanding of your audience first and then do my own research before writing. This sets the basis for the content so that it comes to gether in a congruent format.

Yes, I can write content for any part of your website. Home pages, landing pages, about sections, product descriptions and FAQs, to name a few.

To optimise your website in terms of SEO, I incorporate relevant keywords naturally, create compelling meta tags, use descriptive headers, and focus on providing valuable, user-friendly content.

Yes, this is what I do on a daily basis. Your brand voice and tone will be the central point of all the content I create for you.

People’s brains love stories. They captivate attention and evoke emotion. Our ancestors have used storytelling for thousands of years, so our brains are hardwired to process things via stories. Thus, I weave storytelling throughout.

Usually, a call to action is close to the bottom of the content or sprinkled throughout a web page. It depends on the content we are creating. If it’s a website home page, CTAs will be used throughout. If it’s a short product description, usually just 1 CTA will be used at the end.

Yes. We can come up with some additional keywords to add throughout. We can also work to make the content flow more congruently from piece to piece and interlink throughout to create a comprehensive site map.

Promotional Emails FAQs

Emails are a job to get right. I’ve spent years getting them right, but now I understand the secrets. Email copywriting needs some key aspects such as a call to action and personalisation, which traditional copywriting doesn’t always have.

Yes, I do this with all of the content I produce.

Anything you like! Reach out to discuss further – if it’s something I can’t do, I’ll be honest and say so.

To optimise email copy for conversions, I use eye-catching subject lines, segment users, automate messages, add shareable links, and craft compelling copy. I follow email marketing best practices for personalisation and mobile optimisation too.

Yes. It’s good to run A/B testing to see what your audience likes, but there are general rules that I apply. Mostly, I work by trying to evoke emotion so that people want to see what’s inside.

Yes, I can do this. You’ll need to provide your own software for this, but I would be happy to keep an eye on the email metrics and tweak the emails after looking through the data.

It depends on what tools you use. We can use audience segmentation so that only specific groups of your customers get certain emails. Also, we can use the pre-built-in features of email automation software to add names, company names and other personal information.

I don’t really believe in evergreen content. People love to see the latest information and don’t want to see repeats. It’s best to update your emails at least every month or two.

To gauge the success of email copywriting campaigns, I keep an eye on metrics including open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, and ROI.

B2B & B2C Copywriting FAQs

B2B (business-to-business) copywriting focuses on communicating technical details, industry expertise, and value propositions to businesses. B2C (business-to-consumer) copywriting emphasises emotional appeal, simplicity, and direct benefits to engage and persuade individual consumers in a relatable manner.

B2B copywriting services can enhance your business by crafting persuasive, industry-specific content that effectively communicates your expertise, builds credibility, and attracts and converts other businesses as clients or partners.

Yes, I write for e-commerce sites all the time. I get to know your audience and then hone in on specific details of your offerings. We can then craft engaging content that funnels people down the buying cycle.

For B2B audiences, I focus on conveying technical expertise, industry solutions, and building professional credibility. In contrast, for B2C, I prioritise emotional connection, simplicity, and direct benefits, creating relatable content to resonate with individual consumers.

By integrating technical details for B2B and emotional appeal for B2C, I can create content within the same project that is targeted to different segments of your audience.

In B2B, storytelling revolves around case studies, illustrating problem-solving and success. For B2C, it focuses on relatable narratives, connecting emotionally with consumers, emphasising benefits, and creating memorable brand experiences.

Yes, I offer industry-specific B2B copywriting services tailored to diverse sectors. These include travel, gambling, lifestyle, gaming, and finance. I craft content that aligns with the unique nuances of each industry.

I certainly can. I have a lot of experience doing this for my own business and for other clients.

With my B2B copywriting skills, I specialise in crafting thought leadership content. By highlighting industry expertise, insights, and fresh perspectives, I can boost your brand’s credibility, connect with your audience, and establish you as a leader in your field.

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Social Media Copywriting & Planning FAQs

I always embed hashtags into the content naturally rather than putting a list at the bottom. It seems to get better results and also looks less spammy. In terms of trends, I use social media myself, so I keep up to date with various platforms for new and fresh ideas.

Yes, I can. We would need to put some A/B tests together for this so that we can drill down on what works and scrap anything that doesn’t.

The first sentence is the one that counts. I always make the first sentence something that sparks curiosity or makes the reader ask a question to theirselves. This encourages people to keep reading in the hope they click the call to action or visit your profile.

Yes, this is something I do every day for my clients. I will go through your current content to understand your unique voice, then tailor the new content I create with your tone in mind.

My Social media copywriting services can enhance your brand’s online presence by crafting compelling, concise content. Engaging posts, tailored to each platform, help build brand identity, foster audience interaction, and drive meaningful connections, ultimately expanding your reach.

I customise social media copy by understanding each audience segment. Generally, there are different types of people who use various social platforms, so we will focus on the ones where we can find your ideal customers.