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Lots of freelance blog writers create articles that are filled with unhelpful words that curles your brain around in circles. I’m not your average SEO blogger — I focus on being concise and to the point. I do this by creating the most helpful content that your readers actually want to read.

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My Special SEO Blog Writer Sauce

Tailored Content Magic

I believe in personalised strategies. I work closely with you to decode your business tone, understand your audience, and create unique content that hits the spot.

Keeping It Fresh

SEO is like a thriving garden—it needs constant care. I don't just drop off and disappear. I can keep your posts fresh by tweaking them with new ideas and new SEO strategies.

Keyword Wizardry

Keywords are key. I’ll sprinkle your keywords throughout the content so no one will even guess they are there. Placing keywords naturally throughout your blog will help you rank higher and gain qualified traffic.

Words That Stick

I'm on a mission to create content that's not just good but excellent. Whether you need informational articles, inspiring thought pieces, or blogs that make your products shine, I'm your go-to wordsmith.

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My Approach

Having established my name for my SEO blog writing services, I have this whole blogging thing down to a tea now. My approach is rooted in understanding my client’s needs, honing in on my experience and getting things done quickly. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, I won’t write it. Each and every sentence counts, otherwise, it’s binned.


A typical blog post crafted by me begins with a foundation of data. I conduct competitor research and engage in industry dialogues to identify what currently works and what has consistently delivered results. My process delves into searcher intent and involves close collaboration with your team to pinpoint the most relevant topics for quick exposure.


Subsequently, I devise content campaigns that revolve around your core themes, marketing objectives, and target audience. My aim is to ensure that the right content reaches the right audience at the right time.


My SEO blog writing services empower businesses to create unique content that seamlessly integrates into your comprehensive marketing strategies. Each blog post and article is purposefully created with specific marketing or commercial objectives in mind, bolstering the key performance indicators that matter most to you, such as lead generation, conversions, and sales.


At Jake Perry Writes, it’s not just content writing; it’s content brilliance.

Mapping Out Your Content Strategy

Blogs are at the top of the funnel in terms of the buying cycle. A typical customer won’t just turn up, see your products and buy immediately. It happens, but generally, people need to be nurtured. 


By content mapping, we can systematically come up with a strategy that funnels people down the line slowly towards your products or services. 

Here’s an example for a website selling laptops:


  • We create an informational blog post to help people get an idea of how to choose the best laptop. 


  • The blog post can feed into more posts that highlight a breakdown of, say the ‘Top 10 laptops for business owners’ 


  • These further specific blog posts can then feed into your store, where people can purchase. 


The funnel demonstrates to your readers that you know what you’re talking about. It develops trust and puts you as an authoritative figure in the market. 

This is quite a simple approach -there’s loads more we can do with this- but I’m sure you get the picture. 

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Unraveling the SEO Blog Writing Mystery

In the vast space of freelance blog writers, it’s easy to find content that leaves your head spinning with unhelpful words. Amidst this sea of crap content, I try to stand apart as an SEO blogger committed to putting great content out there. My approach is simple – crafting content that is not just informative but precisely tailored to engage your audience.

The Problem with Many Freelance Blog Writers

With some blog writing services, the journey often resembles navigating through a labyrinth of convoluted sentences. Unfortunately, numerous freelance writers, on their writing journey, inadvertently divert from the primary focus – the reader. The outcome is content that, instead of enlightening, bewilders your audience.

Frequently, reader focus gets lost amidst people trying to sound intelligent, using big words that lots of people don’t understand. Complexity, if used in the correct context, is great, but for most readers, that’s not what they want. Short, snappy, flowing writing is what people want. When readers are left grappling with the words, they’ll often bounce. Technical term for leaving the website, but also quite funny in that context.

I take a different route. My approach isn’t about my ego or trying to sound like a clever know-it-all. My SEO blog writing services are characterised by clarity and simplicity. I recognise that the true art lies in crafting content that, yes, showcases linguistic finesse but, more importantly, serves the reader’s needs. 

A Different Approach

Unlike common practice of weaving intricate sentences that often serve as a mere display of a writer’s linguistic prowess, my emphasis is on simplicity. The goal is not to dazzle with complexity but to provide your audience with content that is genuinely helpful.


In a world saturated with information, the ability to distil valuable insights into concise and clear messages should be a primary focus. I understand that the true value of content isn’t about showing linguistic acrobatics but in its power to inform and engage. By prioritising simplicity over verbosity, I ensure that every word contributes meaningfully to the overall message.


Through this approach, the content I create becomes a useful resource for your audience, a source of information that they can easily comprehend. It’s not just about delivering words; it’s about delivering value. Let’s embark on a journey of effective communication where clarity and relevance reign supreme.

The Essence of Conciseness

We are in the information age. There’s so much information you can read on the internet. Where do you start? My approach to SEO blog writing services – is a recognition of the power of easy communication to capture and retain your audience.


Understanding that today’s readers are bombarded with a constant stream of information, I have honed my craft to cut through the noise. Each sentence is well thought out, and my commitment is to deliver maximum impact with minimal words. I put a strategic effort into making sure that every word serves a purpose, leaving no room for convoluted phrases or unnecessary fluff.


The goal is clear – to provide your audience with content that is easily consumable but also leaves a lasting impression. By distilling complex ideas into straightforward, to-the-point narratives, I aim to engage your readers swiftly and effectively. In a landscape where attention is a precious commodity, my SEO blog writing services act as a beacon of clarity, delivering messages that resonate and endure amid the constant influx of information we have all come to know too well.

Prioritising Relevance

Why bother with a sentence that sounds nice if it doesn’t really help get the point across? I get that making sense matters when SEO blog writing. Each word needs to have a purpose, and every sentence should fit with the main idea. This way, people stay interested, and they actually get something useful out of the content.


You can have the best writing in the world, but if it’s not on topic, why the hell would your readers keep reading? That’s not what I do. I make sure that every word and every sentence is like a puzzle piece that fits perfectly into the bigger picture. Flowing naturally from point to point. 


When I write SEO blogs, I don’t aim for fancy words. I focus on making sure that every part of the content serves a purpose. This way, your readers can easily follow along, and they find real value in what they’re reading. In the world of online writing, where there’s a lot of rubbish to read, it’s important to keep things simple. That’s what I’m all about — making your content easy to understand and something you enjoy reading.

Why Choose My SEO Blog Writing Services?

1. Reader-Centric Approach

I prioritise your readers. Your audience seeks information, and my objective is to deliver it in the most digestible and enjoyable manner possible. With online content, clarity often succumbs to complexity. I step away from that. I will convey information in a way that makes it easy to understand and a pleasure to read. Let’s navigate through the clutter of words together, ensuring your audience finds the information they seek in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

2. Clarity Over Complexity

Modesty is fundamental to my approach. Rather than overwhelming your readers with jargonised sentences, I choose simplicity. This improves comprehension and nurtures a connection between the brand and your audience. By steering clear of convoluted language, I aim to create content that resonates effortlessly with your readers. In a world where simplicity often takes a backseat to readability, my commitment lies in forging a clear and meaningful bridge between your brand’s message and the audience’s understanding. Let’s communicate in a way that not only informs but also builds a lasting bond between your brand and those you aim to reach.

Professionalism in Every Word

3. Professionalism in Every Word

Your brand merits content that communicates effectively without relying on aggressive sales tactics. Salesy content isn’t nice. At the end of the day, no one wants to be sold to. When a salesperson on the street approaches you, you look the other way in the hope they will go away. It’s not just you; we all do it! I aim for a harmonious, modest tone that mirrors and portrays your message in an authentic way. By steering clear of pushiness, my approach is centred on delivering a message that is persuasive yet respectful. The internet is full of empty hyped-up promises. I choose to emphasise professionalism, ensuring that your brand’s essence is conveyed with credibility.

Expertise in Diverse Industries

4. Tailored for SEO Success

Grasping the intricacies of search engine optimisation (SEO) is pivotal for crafting effective blog content. It’s not merely about creating engaging prose; it’s about navigating the digital landscape to ensure your content secures a prominent place on search engine result pages (SERPs). My services extend beyond captivating writing; I delve into the science of SEO, strategically enhancing your content’s visibility.


Online visibility can make or break a business, so understanding how search engines work is a requirement these days. I specialise in optimising content to align with search algorithms, ensuring that your website captures attention but ranks well organically. This approach goes beyond the immediate reader – it’s about reaching those actively searching for topics related to your business.


The Path to Engaging Content Starts Here

Are you prepared to elevate your blog into a guiding light of clear and relevant content? Let’s craft content that grabs attention and makes your readers keep coming back for more.


The journey begins with making your content shine amidst the vast amount of information out there. As your SEO blog writing partner, I prioritise understanding your audience’s needs.


In a world where online platforms are flooded with information, standing out requires more than just words — it demands a strategic approach. My services are geared towards capturing immediate attention but also cultivating a sustained interest. Let’s go beyond mere visibility; let’s create a lasting impact.


Your blog has the potential to be more than just another webpage — it can be a destination for valuable insights. Together we will transform it into a resource that attracts and retains a dedicated readership.

Engaging Content Starts Here
SEO blog writing services

Industry-Specific Experience





Gambling & Casinos


The goal is to create the industry-specific content that suits you. And at the end of the day, if it’s not within my knowledge bracket, I’ll be completely up front with you. 

Blog content creation is only partially fulfilled without the infusion of your company’s expert perspective. A remarkable blog should mirror your brand’s distinct vision and message.

That’s why my SEO blog writing services include conducting interviews with your staff, collecting insights from your sales team, and incorporating your brand’s ethos into every piece I generate.

I’m calling it “Blogging 2.0.”

Ready to take the next step?

Up your online presence with my SEO blogging expertise. Let’s make your business the talk of the town — reach a bigger audience, climb those search engine ranks, and become the big shot in your industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO blogging involves creating written content that helps readers find specific answers. This content helps you rank higher in Google and drives qualified traffic to your site organically.

Regular blogs focus on sharing content without optimising it for SEO. SEO blogs strategically target keywords and a specific layout to assist in search engine discoverability.

SEO blogging helps increase a website’s organic reach, traffic, and brand awareness by increasing search engine crawler readability.

Yes, you’ll need a blog writer for hire to update older posts to improve relevance, add new information, and incorporate better optimisation elements in line with Google’s algorithm updates.

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