3 Essential Keyword Research Tool for SEO Success

3 Essential Keyword Research Tool for SEO Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, identifying high-potential keywords is crucial for success. We’ve gathered insights from three experts, including a Google Ads Expert and Founders, to share their favorite keyword research tools. From discovering long-tail opportunities with LowFruits.io to trending topics and density with SEMrush, learn which tools these professionals rely on.

Discover Long-Tail Keywords with LowFruits.io

LowFruits.io excels in uncovering long-tail keywords with low competition, allowing you to target niche topics that can drive targeted traffic. Its user-friendly interface and advanced filtering options make it easy to identify keywords with high potential quickly. 


LowFruits.io Review & Guide: How To Find Great Low Competition Keywords | Webhive Digital


By focusing on these less competitive keywords, you can create content that ranks well and attracts a more engaged audience, enhancing your overall SEO strategy.


John Cammidge, Google Ads Expert, John Cammidge Consultants


Ahrefs for Comprehensive Keyword Data

Our agency almost exclusively uses Ahrefs. It offers comprehensive data on keyword difficulty, search volume, and competitor analysis, making it easier to find keywords that can drive significant traffic to your site.


Keyword Research: The Beginner's Guide by Ahrefs


Chad DeBolt, Founder, Surchability


SEMrush for Trending Topics and Density

I’ve used Ahrefs and SEMrush for this, but I find SEMrush much better these days. They’ve expanded their feature set, so you get to see trending topics while building your keyword list. Plus, they’ve also added a keyword density feature that’s relative to your website. 


I’m yet to try it out, but it seems more useful, and you can be more realistic while building your content plan.


Also, a keyword’s potential is relative to a company’s industry, vertical, and ICP. But SEMrush is very useful in identifying these opportunities and collecting/managing those ideas within the tool.


Tanaaz Khan, Freelance Content Strategist and Writer, Self-employed