5 Strategies to Keep Your Content Relevant and Valuable Over Time

5 Strategies to Keep Your Content Relevant and Valuable Over Time

In the fast-paced world of content creation, maintaining relevance and value is paramount. We sought the expertise of Content Strategists and Marketing Heads, asking them to share one strategy for keeping content fresh and impactful. From updating core content regularly to implementing a content relaunch strategy, discover the five essential tactics they recommend.


Update Core Content Regularly

The best content that stands the test of time addresses core problems for your target audience and is updated regularly. When planning content, you should place specific emphasis on returning to your pillar content every few months. 



This is the content you see the most searches on in GSC. Make sure you’re removing any irrelevant, dated information and always adding additional resources like infographics or new insights that would help your reader.


Allison Ditmer, Content Strategist and Creator, Allison Ditmer LLC


Adopt an Evolutionary Content Approach

One key strategy to secure a piece of content’s enduring relevance and value is what I call the “evolutionary content approach.” This is not a static piece of content but an organic entity, growing and adapting over time to stay fresh, valuable, and relatable. Consider having a dedicated portion of your digital content that you routinely update based on new trends, data, or changed contexts to reflect real-time events and changes.


If you’ve created a blog post about “Marketing Trends for 2020,” don’t discard it as the year ends. Instead, evolve it into “Marketing Trends for 2021,” update the insights, and add fresh data. Then, you can relaunch the renewed content, maintaining its SEO value and audience relevance.


The key is to view your content not as a one-and-done creation but as a dynamic asset that evolves with changing times. Regular updating and repurposing based on real-time context play pivotal roles in this strategy.


Pavel Naydenov, Head of Marketing, Businessmap


Engage in Social Listening

To keep content relevant and performing for extended periods of time, actively engage in social listening and community management. This helps you understand your audience’s preferences and craft evergreen content that resonates with them, ensuring long-term success.



Kara Boatner, Content Manager, Sock Club


Refresh Evergreen Content Periodically

I recommend regularly updating evergreen content. This strategy involves periodically revisiting and refreshing your high-performing articles with the latest information, statistics, and examples. 


In my experience, this not only keeps the content relevant and valuable to your audience but also signals to search engines that your site is current, boosting your SEO. It’s a way to maximize the longevity and impact of your content.


Andrew Lee Jenkins, Owner, Catalyst RVA Marketing Agency


Implement a Content Relaunch Strategy

One strategy I recommend to keep content relevant is the “Content Relaunch.” This method involves revisiting old content periodically, finding parts that can be enhanced or updated with new knowledge or trends in the tech industry. 


It compares to a software relaunch, with bug fixes, new features, and improvements based on feedback. This way, the content gets a fresh lease on life, making it relevant and valuable for current readers, just like a software update keeps the application timely and useful.


Abid Salahi, Co-founder and CEO, FinlyWealth