4 Factors to Consider When Hiring Writers for Your Marketing Agency: Freelancers vs. in-House Staff

In the ever-evolving landscape of content creation, marketing agencies face the pivotal decision of staffing. To shed light on this dilemma, we’ve gathered insights from four experts, including an SEO Specialist and a business owner, spanning from the benefits of a hybrid model in balancing flexibility and unity to the alignment of staffing via a different hybrid strategy. Dive in to discover new insights about hiring a writer.


  • Hybrid Model Balancing Flexibility and Unity
  • Freelancers Inspire, In-House Teams Collaborate
  • Freelancers Excel in Passion and Craft
  • Aligning Content Strategy with Hybrid Staffing


Hybrid Model Balancing Flexibility and Unity

When choosing writers for a marketing agency, consider both freelancers and in-house staff. Each option has its own advantages and things to consider.

Agencies can hire freelance writers who are flexible and affordable. Freelancers offer access to various talents for projects.


The company’s staff creates unity and dedication, closely supporting the agency’s goals. Working together, we become faster and improve communication. It also helps us understand the agency’s voice and tone.


A hybrid approach is often the most effective. During busy times or for specific projects, utilize freelance writers. For long-term work, maintain an in-house team.This strategy combines the flexibility of freelancers with the stability and brand alignment of in-house contributors.


I’ve seen agencies succeed by using this hybrid model. It helps them handle client demands well. To achieve balance, evaluate your agency’s needs, the work it has, and its goals for freelancers and in-house talent.


Ayoub Essalmi, SEO Specialist, Ayoub Essalmi Ventures, LLC


Freelancers Inspire, In-House Teams Collaborate

Freelance writers bring fresh ideas and different content skills. They adapt flexibly to varying project demands with no pressure. They write good content. 




On the other side, an in-house team understands the company ethos deeply and works together very closely. The team’s seamless collaboration helps to create better content with many points of view. If any person is stuck in the content team, they help them and provide genuine and correct information to create content.


Faizan Khan, Public Relations and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK


Freelancers Excel in Passion and Craft

Merit-based hiring plays a much larger role in today’s online ecosystem. Our marketing agency, based in Canada, employs all remote writers—some full-time, others as freelance writers on-call. With a minimum output of 100,000 words monthly, exploring the blend of quality and efficiency at scale has become extremely important. 


Finding good writers is challenging, and finding good, quality, efficient writers locally was impossible for me. Therefore, I branched out, tested freelancers, and eventually hired a few full-time. 


I am a huge proponent of the freelance job market, where some of the best quality work is done by those truly passionate about their craft and driven to continuously improve—a natural outcome of the freelance market. 


For business owners, it’s crucial to vet freelancers properly before hiring them full-time and to set realistic expectations and guidelines.


Lewis Vandervalk, Owner, Blue Crocus Solutions


Aligning Content Strategy with Hybrid Staffing

When deciding between hiring freelance writers or in-house staff for a marketing agency, consider your content needs and workflow. Freelancers offer flexibility and a broad range of expertise, ideal for specialized or variable projects. They are cost-effective for intermittent workloads. 


In contrast, in-house writers ensure consistency, brand alignment, and can swiftly adapt to evolving company needs. They’re a good fit for ongoing, core projects. A hybrid model often works best, leveraging in-house staff for regular, brand-centric work and freelancers for specialized or peak-period tasks. Your choice should align with your agency’s project demands, budget, and long-term content strategy.


Alex Stasiak, CEO and Founder, Startup House