5 Favorite Content Creation Tools for Content Writers and Why They Love Them

In this article, we’ve gathered five unique insights from Content Writers and Creators on their favorite content creation tools. From Scrivener for its advanced features for long-form writing to OwlyWriter for generating and repurposing posts, discover the tools that these professionals can’t live without in their content creation process.


  • Scrivener: Advanced Features for Long-Form Writing
  • ChatGPT: Aiding in Ideation and Drafts
  • Grammarly: Refining and Perfecting Content
  • Claude: Enhancing Writing Versatility
  • OwlyWriter: Generating and Repurposing Posts


Scrivener: Advanced Features for Long-Form Writing

Scrivener is my favorite content-creation tool as a content writer because of its advanced features catered specifically for long-form writing. With its versatile outlining, research organization, and distraction-free writing mode, Scrivener allows me to stay focused and organized while working on extensive projects. 

For example, when I was writing a research paper on the impacts of social media on society, Scrivener’s corkboard feature helped me visually arrange my key arguments and supporting evidence, enabling me to easily structure my paper. Additionally, Scrivener’s ability to split the screen for simultaneous reference to my research material and writing area enhances my productivity. 


Overall, Scrivener’s unique functionalities make it an invaluable tool for content writers tackling complex and lengthy writing projects.


Ben Lau, Founder, Featured SEO Company


ChatGPT: Aiding in Ideation and Drafts

Lately, my favorite writing tool has been ChatGPT. I don’t use it to write finished content, but for ideation and first drafts. I find it invaluable for brainstorming topics, generating outlines, and finessing similar topics together. You can have ChatGPT rewrite your intro paragraph a dozen different ways, and then cherry-pick to find the right word combinations to match your audience. There’s a lot of potential here!


John Lundquist, Content Writer, Gemini: Advanced Marketing Services


Grammarly: Refining and Perfecting Content

As a content marketing professional, and someone who runs a content marketing agency, my favorite content creation tool would be Grammarly. I use it, and I make sure all my writers are using it as well. Its user-friendly interface and robust grammar and spelling checks ensure that the content I produce is polished and error-free, maintaining a high level of professionalism.


Grammarly’s writing suggestions also help me improve the clarity and readability of my content, enhancing its overall quality and effectiveness. 


While it’s not a tool that generates content ideas or strategies, it plays a crucial role in refining and perfecting the content that I create, making it an invaluable asset for content marketing success.


James Parsons, Founder, Content Powered


Claude: Enhancing Writing Versatility

I write content for different educational niches, one in animation and another for the children’s niche, so the style and language are very different. One of my favorite creation tools is Claude, the AI assistant from Anthropic. It helps me in several ways.



I appreciate how Claude can engage in natural-language conversations, allowing me to brainstorm ideas or get writing feedback. But I love Claude’s ability to rewrite my drafts in various tones of voice and improve my writing in general. 


So, I can jump between my different blogs and feel I have an assistant that understands me, although you do need to keep it in check with concise prompts and reminders.


David Mattock, Content Creator, Little Bug Lovers


OwlyWriter: Generating and Repurposing Posts

My favorite content creation tool is Hootsuite’s OwlyWriter AI. It’s a built-in creative AI tool that saves me hours of work when writing social media posts.



I love this tool because, with a simple prompt, it gives me a variety of ideas when my creative juices are running low. With it, I can choose the tone for my captions and write a post based on a blog post or a product page link. I can also generate great post ideas based on a keyword or topic, and then write posts expounding on the idea I like best.


I also use OwlyWriter to identify and repurpose top-performing posts, which means no guessing if that post will perform well!


Silvia Gituto, SEO Content Writer and Strategist, Witty Content Writers